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Bray Wyatt’s new gimmick is so bad, it may be good

You could watch the latest Bray Wyatt vignette 100 times and have 100 different reactions to it.

At first glance Wyatt and his new ‘Firefly Fun House’ looks completely idiotic. Very dumb and WWE should feel very bad about trotting out Wyatt with this gimmick as his only weapon.

Then you watch it again and you have to give Wyatt credit for doing something different. Not just different, but being fully committed to whatever the hell this is.

‘A’ for effort, incomplete in terms of execution?

So Wyatt wraps it all up by taking a chainsaw to his former persona.


Since arriving on the main roster, Bray Wyatt’s career has reached some great heights and frustrating lows. If anyone could pull off working with less than ideal, at times cringe worthy, material maybe it is Wyatt.

We want to believe. Maybe this could work.

Is it already time to punt on Wyatt’s new gimmick or does it just need more time to play out?

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