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Bobby Roode now has a mustache & a new name

Not only a new name but also new facial hair?

Robert Roode you have our full and undivided attention

Prior to Raw going on air, Bobby Roode explained why he changed his name to Robert.

Joey Ryan’s stepdad looking pretty stern on a Monday night.

Silas Young looking extra tired on Raw.

It’s wild to see Don Mattingly, crossover to pro wrestling this late in his athletic career.

The WWE Studios Magnum, P.I. reboot doesn’t like half bad right about now.

To top off this banner night in pro wrestling history, Roode was booked into a match versus Ricochet.

Then good old Rob won a singles match on Raw. Wow.

Bobby Roode has been pretty much floundering on the main roster for nearly two years as a baby face. Now Robert Roode, maybe the former NXT champion was born to be an arrogant dude with a mustache.

Are you all in on Robert Roode and his fancy mustache?

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