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Meet Erik & Ivar... The Viking Raiders!

WWE’s changes to changes they made last week is reaching the point of self-parody today, but I’m willing to refrain from full-on cackling about this one, since it does get us to a slightly better result than where we left things after the April 15 Raw.

New red brand Superstars, and still-current NXT Tag Team champions Erik & Ivar are now The Viking Raiders.

As you’ll no doubt recall, they went from being War Raiders Hanson & Rowe to The Viking Experience last Monday. Pretty much everyone not named Mick Foley mocked the change, and now WWE’s changed to something which still doesn’t give the audience a ton of credit, but at least doesn’t sound like an Epcot attraction.

The company has retroactively removed all references to The Viking Experience name from their website, so it will now only exist in our memories. And many, many memes and jokes which flooded the internet last week.

Give us your thoughts below. And hurry up, cause WWE will probably change something else in a few minutes.

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