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WWE said to already be undoing some of last week’s Superstar Shake-up moves

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If you needed another reason to roll your eyes whenever WWE asks you to totally take their annual Superstar Shake-up and the Raw/SmackDown brand split seriously, well, here you go...

Both PWInsider and Pro Wrestling Sheet are saying the company has changed its mind on one of the first acts introduced as new Raw Superstars on last week’s shows - WWE is keeping Andrade and his business associate Zelina Vega on SmackDown. Insider hints the move may be due to* how impressed the powers-that-be were with the Mexican wrestler’s match with Finn Bálor from last Monday. The two can now feud over the Intercontinental title on the blue brand.

It also means Charlotte Flair will not be separated from her boyfriend.*

There’s no report that keeping that couple together was a motivation for the change. It’s hard to not wonder if it wasn’t a consideration, however, seeing as keeping married couples together remains a priority. Despite his being listed as a Raw Superstar coming out of last week, and hints that his tag team with Ricochet would continue on Monday nights, Vega’s husband Aleister Black will also now head to SmackDown.

* UPDATE: In a follow-up report, PWInsider says the Andrade move was at the request of Fox. Executives there were concerned by the lack of Latino stars on SmackDown, and they plan to highlight wrestlers on their Spanish language sports network, Fox Deportes. Moving Black was done in order to keep he & Vega together.

Got it?

We also still don’t know where Nikki Cross is going. Not that it matters, since any of it can be changed at any time.