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Mustafa Ali’s ‘What if?’ is another great wrinkle to KofiMania

Another parallel between Kofi Kingston’s run to the WWE championship at WrestleMania 35 and Daniel Bryan’s similar journey back in 2014 is how neither were in the company’s plans. Bryan needed an audience revolt, and CM Punk’s exit. Kingston’s started with Mustafa Ali’s injury, then received massive fan support.

One of the differences between the two angles is that, unlike Punk, Ali is around to watch Kofi. The former cruiserweight is not only still with WWE, he’s been cleared to return. He’s getting a front row seat to watch the story become much bigger than it probably would have been had he entered February’s Elimination Chamber match instead of Kingston.

Mustafa is also a hell of a promo, and an extremely likeable character. That provides WWE with an opportunity to keep him on our radar while also furthering Kofi’s story. This video they released this morning (April 2) paints Ali as a determined future contender, and the veteran New Day member as a gracious leader. The through-line, of course, is that Kingston is an example for Ali and anyone else striving for a shot. Always be ready, because you never know when the door will open for you.

Is it #KofiMania yet?

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