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Raw’s ridiculous Flair/Lynch/Rousey brawl inspired some great internet gags

We’ve covered how the ‘go home’ angle for WrestleMania 35’s main event, “Winner Takes All” Triple Threat for the Raw and SmackDown Women’s titles transcended so-bad-it’s-good status and leapt right into the pantheon of bat$#!+ crazy wrestling segments.

But the fun didn’t stop there! As the farcical often will, Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch’s pull apart brawl, “arrest” and return to brawling motivated some Twitter creatives to get busy. And the remixes and other jokes they came up with do not disappoint.

First up, as is required of anything remotely resembling a goofy chase scene, somebody gave it the Benny Hill treatment, speeding up the tape and adding “Yakety Sax”:

Other songs fit, too, like this Carl Douglas’ disco classic:

Of course, whether they were real cops or not, you’ve got to give the theme from the long-running reality show a spin:

While the whole scene is worth scoring, there was one moment that drew a lot of attention - a handcuffed Queen kneeing Rowdy into the door frame of the police cruiser window she was sticking her head out of. It’s great with some Gwen Stefani vocals...

And maybe even better with Annie Lennox...

My favorite joke doesn’t involve any music or video. It does depend on your having seen one of 2018’s best horror movies. And I guess it’s also technically a spoiler, too:

(If you want to know why your friends who have seen Ari Aster’s debut film screamed “OH MY GOD” then laughed hysterically when they saw that tweet, the scene you need to get the reference is here. But I warn you, it ruins a shocking moment from a good, and quite creepy, flick.)

Did we miss any?

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