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Mick Foley tries to justify WWE naming a tag team ‘The Viking Experience’

From a Facebook post:

Sure it’s a bad name - but it got people talking! Plus, these two guys are talented enough to weather the storm. For those of you who were sleeping, the #WarRaiders were transformed into the #VikingExperience for the WWE Raw debut, and many fans were not happy about it. I put out a little tweet, just being happy that two hard-working guys had made their debut on #Raw -and you would have thought I just praised John Cena with the heat I got for it! My guess is that anything with the word “war” in it is not going to go down well with USA Network or current and potential sponsors.

Saying it’s a bad name might actually be too nice. It’s a terrible name. His thought that Vince McMahon may not want to use “war” in the name doesn’t seem to hold much water when they were, quite literally, named “War Raiders” all throughout their run in NXT.

Either way, Foley’s belief that something is good because it’s so bad would make so much of WWE make sense I’m not willing to dismiss it outright.


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