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CM Punk shares a great Eddie Guerrero story, but don’t expect to hear more

Last night, Rey Mysterio shared a memory of a 2002 match he had with CM Punk and Eddie Guerrero for IWA Mid-South (you can see the whole match on the promotion’s YouTube channel here):

In a sign of respect for both men, Punk commented with this great story about the match, and what it meant to a young indie kid to work with the WCW/WWE legends:

It’s also the second time in as many weeks wrestling’s prodigal son has talked about his old job. Which got more than a few fans excited about the possibility we might hear more stories and commentary from Punk.

Don’t count on it:

He also opened up a bit about his emotions while dealing with a guy who trolled him about that response:

That devolved into Punk telling the guy to meet him at his MMA gym for a fight, so... yeah.

It’s still a great Eddie story, though!

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