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A very Randy Orton response to Luke Harper asking for his WWE release

On Tuesday, Luke Harper went public with the fact he’d asked WWE to release him from his contract. Over the next 24 hours, a lot of his co-workers responded with their support. Yesterday, Randy Orton tweeted his reaction, and as is often the case with the Viper’s Twitter game, it’s very good:

Via an anecdote about life on the road his employers might not want him sharing, Orton gets his response to the news about his friend across with the cover of one Kendrick Lamar album (2017’s Damn), seems to joke in a good-brotherly way about Harper’s decision with another (the 2014 “best of” compilation Found Myself), and is probably mocking the fact websites like ours will comment on the tweet with the hashtag (a Kendrick lyric from the Damn track “Humble”).

Remember: Randy Orton DGAF. And at least on Twitter, that’s usually pretty great.

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