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Report: Sasha Banks given a few weeks off after trying to quit WWE

What began last week as a few whispers has grown into a thunderous roar inside the WWE locker room.

It was only one week ago when word first leaked out that Sasha Banks may have tried to quit WWE during WrestleMania 35 weekend. In the ensuing days, Banks didn’t really do much to quell the rumors, but she did send out a timely message about her love of women’s wrestling.

On Monday night, Banks was nowhere to been seen on Raw. Other than a few vague tweets, Banks has been pretty much radio silent for the past few days.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required and encouraged), Dave Meltzer reports that Banks was given a few weeks off from WWE after she attempted to quit.

“So it was the combination of not getting the title run they expected to establish the belts as meaningful and not joke belts, and splitting up their team so quickly that got both of them upset. Bayley was upset but didn’t quit or anything. Banks was given a few weeks off when she tried to quit with the idea of them sorting things out and time off would lead her to wanting to come back. Despite rumors to the contrary, she was never booked for television this week, at least since WrestleMania.”

This makes sense. WWE has invested a ton into Sasha Banks and they don’t want to lose her over what may amount to creative differences. Banks is still only 27-years-old and at the end of the day is one of the more talented wrestlers in the ring and on the mic for WWE.

The WON news piggybacks back off a previous Meltzer report that said Banks was also upset her and Bayley were being broken up during the 2019 Superstar Shake-up. Despite all of that momentum in the other direction, the latest rumors still pointed to Banks being booked for WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view on May 19.

Almost exactly one month until Money in the Bank, do you expect Sasha Banks and WWE to come to a compromise anytime soon?

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