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Report: Samoa Joe is headed to Raw, and already has his first feud lined up

Considering that Finn Bálor and the Intercontinental title were officially moved to SmackDown on night two of the 2019 Superstar Shake-up, the news United States champion Samoa Joe will be headed to Raw as soon as he’s cleared (word is Joe was out sick this week) isn’t exactly a surprise.

But that WWE will eventually get around to making that announcement is only part of Dave Meltzer’s report on the post-SD edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. The other item isn’t too much of a shock either, though. They did already start Joe’s next program on April 9 before the Shake-up, after all...

Braun Strowman will be Samoa Joe’s first challenger for the U.S. title on Raw, according to Meltzer.

Does that mean the red, white and blue belt will be the Monster Among Men’s first singles title? Not counting his numerous meaningless battle royal wins, of course.

We’ll find out. If the Observer’s report is right, though, even if he keeps the strap, Joe will definitely be getting those hands.

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