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Becky Two Belts is picking Twitter fights with pretty much the entire WWE Women’s roster

And she looks to have bitten off more than she can chew with Ember Moon, cause... damn. Ember don’t play.

Were you worried that with Ronda Rousey off on a TMI trip with her hubby, and Charlotte Flair off on an extended vacation (some of which featured a bit of playful social media TMI with her dreamy boyfriend), Becky Lynch wouldn’t have anyone to mess with on Twitter?

Fear not, fans of The Man. And people who enjoy getting annoyed by fans of The Man, there’s good news for you here, too.

We already knew the Raw & SmackDown Women’s champ had an able trash talking opponent in Lacey Evans. And those two have kept up the banter, with Lynch recently connecting with a clever twist on the Charlotte/Lacey riff she was doing last week:

Bex will defend her red brand title against Evans at as as-yet-unannounced date. On her own show, there isn’t a clear cut #1 contender yet. Which is probably why the champ is casting a wider-net.

Fellow Horsewoman Bayley hasn’t replied, but she’s got plenty of drama on her plate right now:

They’ve feuded in the past, online and in the ring when Mickie James was Alexa Bliss’ henchwoman. But now Lynch has nothing but respect for the no-longer-on-Monday Night MILF. No reply from James yet, though:

Ember Moon’s got time to reply, and she’s squaring up to The Man on behalf of her buddy Alexa:

In fact, Ember’s got more than time for the Lasskicker. She’s got smoke:

I did not see “Becky meets her Twitter match in Ember Moon” coming, but I probably should have. You ever get into a meme war with a millenial gamer?

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