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Bayley is ready for her ‘new start’ on SmackDown Live

We’re just over one week removed from WrestleMania 35, where Sasha Banks & Bayley lost the WWE women’s tag team titles to The IIconics and were so upset about it the former reportedly tried to quit the company. For whatever it’s worth, Banks hasn’t been seen on television since then (though that was worked into a storyline).

That includes for the Superstar Shake-up, the two night event that sees select members of each roster switch to the other side in an effort to freshen things up. And this year, for whatever reason, that meant breaking the two up.

Bayley’s interview after appearing on SmackDown Live this week, then, is especially noteworthy:

“It’s really cool. I’ve never been a part of this, I’ve always been a fan of it. When I was a kid, the Shake-ups were always one of my favorite things to watch because it’s exciting. To finally change brands and to be on a different show is like a new start for me. I’m evolving, you know, and it feels good. ... My eyes are set on the top dog, on The Man, Becky Lynch, because she has what we all want, she has that SmackDown women’s title. That’s where I’m going, that’s my main focus. I feel like if you don’t come in with that as your focus, what are you here for? And that’s what I’m here for. I hope Becky knows that I’m not messing around. I’m coming for her. I’m coming for everybody. I’m going to show them what we did on Raw was nothing because SmackDown is my town.”

Sasha’s future remains unclear, but Bayley, who never quite found her footing as a member of the Monday Night Raw roster, or at least wasn’t nearly the star she was in NXT, could be in for big things at her new home on SmackDown Live.

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