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WWE broke up The Riott Squad by sending Liv Morgan to SmackDown in the Superstar Shake-up

You’d think that with all the time the Riott Squad spent together as a team, first on SmackDown Live, then on Monday Night Raw, where they put over a ton of babyfaces, WWE would make a bigger deal of the three breaking up. But they did not. It was simply a post-note in this year’s Superstar Shake-up:

Sure, SmackDown had to get plenty of time for the big swerve (that made absolutely no sense) of Vince McMahon announcing Elias as a big acquisition and Roman Reigns showing up to put the boots to both of them. But they couldn’t take a couple minutes to even announce this was happening?

Morgan is taking it in stride, while also being so very Liv Morgan about it:

She’s got a ton of potential and the SmackDown women’s division looks wide open for her to make a run as a singles star. So this could very well be the best thing for her career. It’s just too bad WWE made this such a small time deal.

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