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Superstar Shake-up fails to bring in viewers for WWE Raw

The episode of Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania 35 failed to draw over 3 million viewers, a startling reminder of how far viewership has fallen for WWE in just the past couple years. Perhaps the Superstar Shake-up, the annual rearranging of the roster, would provide some relief?

Perhaps not.

Indeed, this week’s show dropped from 2.92 million viewers last week down to 2.66 million viewers. At least most of them stuck around for the majority of the evening:

Hour one: 2.76 million
Hour two: 2.69 million
Hour three: 2.54 million

WWE is, of course, up against the playoffs for both the NBA and NHL, but they’ve always done much better numbers in the past. Interest just doesn’t seem to be as high in the entertainment the promotion has to offer.

There’s no reason to think the decline won’t continue.

Get complete results and the live blog of this week’s show here, a full recap from the night here, and highlights of all the action here.

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