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R.I.P. SAnitY

Main roster fans hardly knew ye.

Last night (April 15) during night one of the 2019 Superstar Shake-up on Raw, Eric Young was quietly place on the red brand’s roster.

That the former TNA champ and Animal Planet host was listed alone, without affiliation, seemed like a bad sign for the faction he once led to NXT Tag Team glory, SAnitY. This tweet from another member of the group, Killian Dain, would seem to confirm WWE is relegating the gimmick:

It ends a baffling main roster run for the trio (along with Alexander Wolfe) who were “called up” during last year’s Shake-up. While they were a main event-level act on the black-and-gold brand, most NXT fans were concerned when they were moved to SmackDown without their most popular member, Nikki Cross. The Scotswoman (who is Dain’s real life spouse) was promoted herself in December, but has struggled to find her footing on the main roster as well. She’s also been kept almost entirely away from SAnitY.

Over the past year on the blue show, Young, Wolfe & Dain picked up some big wins over the top of the division when they beat The Usos and The New Day early in their run, took up space in a tag tournament, then... pretty much disappeared until Shane McMahon started using them in his WrestleMania program with The Miz.

Now they’re done.

It’s hard to see any of the trio having a lot of success as singles. Each is an entertaining performer in their own right, but if they struggled to get TV time together, you have to wonder what will be different now that they’re on their own.

Time will tell, I suppose.

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