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Sasha Banks wasn’t at Raw, but her absence is a storyline now

Word is Sasha Banks was not in Montreal for Raw last night (April 15). We know for sure she wasn’t on-screen.

But that doesn’t mean The Boss wasn’t a presence. Whatever is really going on behind-the-scenes between Banks and WWE brass, her absence is now a part of kayfabe. The story is Bayley doesn’t know where Sasha is either, and heels like Women’s Tag champs The IIconics are using it to taunt the Hugster.

After teaming with new Raw Superstar Naomi to beat Peyton Royce & Billie Kay, Banks got a shout out from the former SmackDown Women’s champ in a post-show interview, too.

What does it mean? That WWE isn’t planning on being without a wrestler PWInsider says is one of their biggest merch movers for long. Whether it was always a work or is a shoot that’s now being used in a work, her not being around is now an angle. And Vince McMahon doesn’t run angles for people he doesn’t plan to make money with.

Will The Boss pick up where she left off, with the Boss ‘N’ Hug Connection making the world better for women’s wrestling? Or is the fact that in kayfabe Sasha isn’t talking to Bayley a sign we may finally get a heel Banks competing in the singles division again on the main roster? Perhaps even in that feud with the Huggable One they wouldn’t stop teasing in 2017 - 2018?

If it’s the latter, poor Bayley doesn’t see it coming...

Let us know what you think, and we’ll probably be back with more when Sasha tweets something in a few hours.

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