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WWE SmackDown Live preview (Apr. 16, 2019): Shake It Up

WWE SmackDown Live returns tonight (April 16) from the Bell Center in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This is the second night of the Superstar Shake-up.

The Headliner

It’s been over a week, but Kofi Kingston’s WWE championship win continues to be awesome. You saw his uncle’s village in Ghana reacting to it, right? Frickin’ awesome.

But unfortunately for the champ, the honeymoon period is soon ending. In the next week, we need to learn who his next challenger is. And outside the men who were moved to Raw last night, anyone can be a potential challenger for Kofi.

Let’s break down a few possibilities, shall we?

Drew McIntyre - Drew actually was in the main event of SmackDown last week, on the opposite team of Kofi. Oh, did you forget? Well that was probably by design. None the less, the Scottish Psychopath arriving to SmackDown last week has me thinking he’s more likely to show up this week. And he’s destined to be in the main event scene. Being the man to take the title from Kofi would be big time heat.

Randy Orton - This is a feud they should do. It’d be a callback to Randy Orton ending Kofi’s first push years back because Kofi mixed up the end of the match. They already had a small callback to it when Orton shouted “Stupid!” at Kofi during the gauntlet match. It would be a good story with an added layer for fans in the know.

Daniel Bryan - Daniel wasn’t moved to Raw so he’s definitely going to get a WWE championship rematch.

Finn Bálor - Yes, please. (I know Samoa Joe wasn’t drafted to Raw so Finn likely won’t come to SmackDown since they’d swap the US and Intercontinental championship. But the way Finn took the L to Andrade yesterday had the feel of him leaving the Monday night territory.)

Roman Reigns - I’d be a bit surprised if they remove the Big Dog from the flagship show, but at the same time, it’d probably be good for him. My man Sean discussed it in the Raw preview yesterday. And it looks entirely possible. Vince McMahon is promising the biggest acquisition in SmackDown history and few would fit that bill. Unless it’s Otis.

Seth Rollins - Seth and Kofi went title for title last week before the Bar broke it up. Seth Rollins said they’d finish this later, so that’s why I’m including it. They probably won’t finish it later, at least not title for title.

The Title Scene:

Samoa Joe is United States champion after squashing Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania. Now Rey is on Raw so we’re probably not going to ever get that match, which is a damn shame. I was low key excited to see these two mix it up in a real match, and unless they somehow move Joe to Raw, that’s not happening soon.

Becky Two Belts is both Raw and SmackDown Women’s champion so the Shakeup doesn’t affect her much. She’s feuding with Lacey Evans for the Raw title on Mondays. But she’ll need to feud with someone for the blue belt as well. Will that be someone currently on SmackDown or someone from Raw or NXT?

The Women’s tag titles are still dual-branded belts so the IIconics will have to work both shows as well. Paige has a mystery team for the champs that she is revealing tonight. Speculation has the Sky Pirates of NXT (Io Shirai and Kairi Sane) as that team. That’d be a great reveal. There aren’t really any other women’s team who would fit the bill, but we’ll see.

The Hardys won the SmackDown tag team championships from the Usos last week and now they wait to see who is in their division before they figure out their opponents. Matt won’t get his long series with the Usos; however, as the brothers were moved to Raw last night.

Other stuff to keep an eye on:

Really, it’s all the Shake-up. There weren’t many non-title stories on SmackDown and the main one (Shane/Miz) is now a Raw story. So tonight we wait and see which Raw, NXT, and 205 Live talent is moving to Tuesday night.

Some of my guesses are Drew McIntyre, Braun Strowman, Finn Bálor, the Revival, Lashley, Ember Moon, and Candice LeRae. Let us know yours below.

The Superstar Shake-up heads into night two. Which superstars will answer the bell tonight on SmackDown Live?

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