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Carmella hoping to have ‘a cool run as a good guy’


The Superstar Shake-up comes to WWE later this evening on Monday Night Raw and that could mean wrestlers like Carmella, who have only ever been on SmackDown Live, moving over to the red brand. She told TV Insider it would be “weird” to make the switch but there’s excitement surrounding the whole thing.

What’s more, she’s hoping for a nice run as a babyface after spending so much time as a heel:

“I don’t know. I have been on SmackDown from the beginning. I feel at home on SmackDown Live. It would be weird to go to Raw, but I’m excited for it regardless. I’m excited to see what happens now that I was a big winner [at WrestleMania]. I’m honestly excited for the women in general to see what the next step will be.

“…As a last draft pick in 2016, I feel like I had a lot to prove. Then getting the opportunity to win the Money in the Bank contract and cashing it in this time last year. I beat Asuka twice. I beat Charlotte Flair twice. I did all these amazing things as champion. Then this stuff with R-Truth happened. It’s been really cool. I completely changed my character. People like me now, which is so crazy. Who knows what will happen from here. I’m just excited to have hopefully a cool run as a good guy. We’ll see what happens.”

Part of what has helped Carmella get over as a babyface has been her pairing with R-Truth, one that may have seemed odd at first but actually worked out for the best. She found her own success by winning the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal this year, however, so there’s something to build on if she branches out on her own or the two are split up.

Either way, she wants to stay on the babyface side.

Like the sound of that?

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