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Raw reportedly being re-written due to travel issues

James Wilder Jr on Twitter

For the past week, we’ve heard new stories about how chaotic it often is backstage at WWE.

With the April 15 episode of Monday Night Raw, there may be some additional chaos to go with that baseline chaos.

According to John Pollock of Post Wrestling, talent and personnel are having issues getting to Montreal for the first part of the Superstar Shake-up tonight. Pollock has “no word on what effect this will have on tonight’s show,” but considering the Shake-up consists in large part of introducing new members of each brand’s roster, not having them on hand could require a substantial restructuring of the episode.

It’s also not mentioned what’s causing the travel issues. Many Superstars have been on vacation since leaving New York last week, as WWE had no house shows scheduled the weekend after WrestleMania. That - and the fact the entire roster is descending on Quebec’s largest city - means people are coming from a lot of different places instead of just wherever Sunday’s live event was, as they normally would. In some cases, that means travelling from somewhere other than the United States.

There’s also been severe weather on the east coast of the U.S. the past 24 hours which could be contributing to delays.

We’ll see what impact this has on Raw, and the Superstar Shake-up, tonight. Follow along with us in the live blog here.

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