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Kofi Kingston wants to be a champion of the people, because the people championed him

This right here is the perfect babyface WWE champion:

“Well, I think that... so, for me, I know I wouldn’t be here without the people, without the WWE Universe. They are the ones who demanded that this happen, you know? So what I want to do is be a champion of the people and give the people what they want. Whether it be matches with people who... fantasy matches, or whatever it is. I just really want to be the best champion that I can possibly be. It’s great to get here, obviously. Now the true test begins. We want to make this championship reign not only historic we want to make it legendary. So that is the goal, is to make it a legendary championship run, a legendary never ending championship run. Just to be able to go out there and continue to motivate people, continue to do great things, and continue to entertain the masses. That’s what the goal is, man, you know? Yeah.”

Kingston wasn’t planned for this spot — Kevin Owens was originally going to get the shot at Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35 — but fan support pushed Vince McMahon to put the WWE championship on Kofi. The question now is just where they go from here. The Superstar Shake-up will change the landscape and perhaps provide Kingston with a fresh contender to get his reign kick started.

But how long can the dream run last? Will the people continue to champion Kingston now that he’s champion and wants to be a champion of the people?

Stay tuned.

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