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WWE is hiring a ‘Continuity Script Supervisor’

If you’ve ever thought Raw and SmackDown should pay more attention to details, here’s your chance to make a difference. If the last week’s worth of news about what working there is like hasn’t scared you off, that is...

It’s been a wild week behind the scenes at WWE, and there’s at least one position open as a result.

This posting on their corporate site isn’t for the job Robert Evans quit last Saturday at the Hall of Fame ceremony. But the job description does appear designed to address some of the issues which allegedly contributed to Brian “Road Dogg” James leaving his position as co-lead writer for SmackDown. And a myriad of complaints fans and critics have registered with WWE’s main roster television shows over the years, such as dropped storylines, repeated angles, programs contradicting one another, and others.

WWE Corporate

While it sounds like a job people who blog and/or comment on blogs about WWE shows would be well-suited for, the qualifications do limit things to professional script editors. Good luck finding people with stronger understanding of the audience than us, though!

WWE Corporate

If you have those qualifications, aren’t intimidated by or don’t believe reports of what working life is like at the company, and somehow land the job, don’t think this is your chance to fantasy book your Tyler Breeze vs. Andrade feud, though...

If you think you’ve got what it takes, apply here.

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