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Rusev & Mikaze tweeted very different messages that are both being interpreted as being about Sasha Banks quitting WWE

The Sasha Banks saga has the WWE Universe in its grip, and it doesn’t show any signs of letting go.

Which means folks will be searching for signs The Boss is staying or leaving, or has supporters or detractors, everywhere they can. And seeing as so much of the story - from Banks cancelling her Wendy Williams appearance to the latest rumor about how she & Bayley reacted to losing at WrestleMania 35 - has played out on Twitter, that’s where a lot of attention is going to be focused.

It doesn’t take a social media super-sleuth to guess what this note from Sasha Banks’ husband, WWE costume designer, first ever UpUpDownDown champ Sarath “Mikaze” Ton is referring to:

This one from Rusev a short-time later is less clear, even before you start to wonder about persistent rumors his wife Lana runs his Twitter account:

Credit to the Bulgarian Brute, though, his is more fun. Especially since it opens things up for responses like this:

So what have learned?

Sasha’s making some decisions about her future at WWE, the locker room is aware of it, The Ryback is a card, and pro wrestling continues to be a hell of a thing.

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