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WWE’s promotion for the Superstar Shake-up doesn’t make much sense

WWE sent out a press release to promote next week’s annual Superstar Shakeup and, well, it doesn’t make much sense how they’re explaining this (emphasis mine):

Fans around the world were surprised when it was announced that the WWE roster will once again undergo a seismic shift on this week’s editions of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, both airing live at 8/7C on USA Network this Monday and Tuesday night.

Both sides have been granted an opportunity to make any roster moves that they feel fit.

Tune into this week’s Raw and SmackDown Live on USA to see where your favorite Superstars land, as the WWE landscape prepares to undergo a major change.

On air for more than 26 years, Monday Night Raw is the longest running weekly episodic television show in U.S. primetime history with 1,350 episodes and consistently a ratings juggernaut in all of cable. SmackDown Live is the second longest-running weekly episodic program in U.S. television history with 1,025 episodes.

When the McMahon family came out on television a few months ago to admit their shows are bad, they announced one major change: there would be no General Managers on either show and the family itself would run Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live as a united front. Since then, they’ve mostly stayed out of the spotlight and let the shows be what they are without an authority figure running wild.

Which is why this doesn’t make any damn sense. There is no representation for either “side” here. Who, then, are the “they” referenced in the press release?

This just feels like a really lazy way explaining the fact that some wrestlers are switching over to the other show when they could just say, you know, that some wrestlers are switching over to the other show. For a promotion that cares so little about storyline continuity, this is both strange and entirely unsurprising.

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