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A Florida teen got arrested after a RKO attempt on his principal

Pro wrestling truly is everywhere and sometimes that’s not the best thing for any and all situations.

For one pro wrestling fan, his passion for the squared circle got him arrested after a RKO attempt went very wrong. 18-year-old Gianny Sosa of Miami Southridge Senior High School was arrested on Wednesday and appeared in court on Thursday morning for his RKO try on his principal.

Below is footage of the hallway RKO attempt.

ABC affiliate WPLG Local 10 News in South Florida with more on the unfortunate incident:

“Cellphone video of the altercation shows Sosa placing his arm around the principal’s neck before the principal gets the student in a chokehold and appears to throw a punch at him.

Police said Sosa was placed in an office and was uncooperative with staff members.

According to the arrest report, Miret was adamant about pursuing charges against the student.

Sosa faces charges of battery on a school official and interference with an educational institution.”

All things considered, Sosa’s RKO try was nowhere close to landing. Suspension, a whole lot of detention, sure, but maybe a night in jail really didn’t fit the crime committed here.

For a palate cleanser, never forget that time Jeff Hardy’s daughter hit the perfect RKO on him....out of nowhere.

Alright Cagesiders, what do you make of the possible trend of high school students pretending to RKO their principals?

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