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Big E reveals injury in the most Big E way possible

At least his groin is still healthy enough to do the splits whenever he pleases. In the aftermath of WrestleMania 35, an injury bug has overtaken WWE’s locker room.

Joining fellow SmackDown stars AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio, according to Big E he is also now battling through a meniscus injury.

“Making mincemeat of my meniscus

Crossbody cooked the cartilage

Bye for a bit”

Love that Big E alliteration.

The meniscus is the cartilage around the knee. On Tuesday night, Big E looked fine and moved around great during the six man tag main event between The New Day and The Bar plus a disappearing Drew McIntyre.

Get well soon E, WWE needs more larger than life characters up and down its roster.

Update 5:54 PM ET: WWE confirms Big E has a torn meniscus, The New Day powerhouse provides a very on-brand response.

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