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The Becky Lynch/Lacey Evans Twitter beef has begun

The Lacey Evans feud WWE is cooking up for Becky Lynch as her first challenge after winning WrestleMania 35’s main event to become the Raw & SmackDown Women’s champion should certainly be interesting. The opening salvos of the inevitable Twitter portion of the program demonstrate why.

Evans “First Lady” gimmick already has fans debating whether they hate the performer herself or her act. Or maybe it’s both? The former Marine from South Carolina very well might be an example of the old bromide about the best characters being the wrestler’s real personality turned up to 11, in this case someone who can kick a lot of ass but still thinks her place is in the kitchen.

Her first tweets after showing up on the April 8 Raw to brawl with The Man make it hard to tell. But they definitely make it easier for Becky fans to want to see the champ champ slap Lacey’s head off...

After getting cold-cocked by the Women’s Right on SmackDown last night (April 9), Lynch got around to directing some of her famous Twitter game at the newcomer earlier today. And it’s a meta jab which plays to her internet fanbase by referencing Vince McMahon & WWE’s track record of pushing blonde women...

Which brought more from Evans which were perfectly designed to incense folks who think she’s a MAGA hat away from having her own Fox News show...

I don’t know how good the match or matches will be, but if the goal of pro wrestling is to make people feel things, I think this feud is gonna do that just fine.

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