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The IIconics are ready for Paige’s MYSTERY TEAM

New Women’s Tag Team champions The IIconics can be a bit polarizing - at least in our offices, where the following comments were made by staffers during WrestleMania 35:

‘Billie Kay is the literal worst and I long for the day she’s not on my TV.’


‘Billie is my girl. She’s just so weird.’

If you’re like me (neither of those comments were mine, but I was probably too busy swooning over Peyton Royce) and dig their act, the good news is we’re getting a lot of it right now. Seriously, they turned the usual side plate installation scene into this nine minute (!) video of Peyton & Billie walking around backstage to more or less force people to admire the belts. Noteworthy is The Man Becky Lynch, one of the first accosted by the duo, passing by as they grill Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre (where’s Jinder?!?!) and gawking because she can’t believe they’re still doing the same bit.

If you’re more in the “get them off my screen” camp, the news Paige is bringing a MYSTERY TEAM to SmackDown next week might be something you want to latch onto. In this fallout video, The IIconics vow to be ready for whoever the Anti-Diva brings around during the Superstar Shake-Up. After they help poor Cathy Kelley get over the jitters she gets from interviewing her heroines, that is:

Who is Paige bringing? Will they get an immediate title shot from the “fighting champions”? And if so, will Kay & Royce’s reign be more short than IIconic?

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