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A behind-the-scenes look at Triple H & DX planning their Hall of Fame speech

Here we have Triple H, a business man, who is also a professional wrestling man, planning out a Hall of Fame speech with some other professional wrestling men, all of whom are being inducted for being juvenile pranksters, discussing that very fact and how to incorporate it into the induction speech. He’s in an office, wearing a suit, talking about a clip online of a monkey sticking his finger in his butt and falling out of a tree and using that as inspiration to come up with something that is both stupid and fun.

Then he gets serious talking about how most of what they did back in the day was off-the-cuff, so it’s difficult to actually sit and make a plan to be funny. In the past they just did things and it was great comedy along the way.

To me, the wider picture here is hilarious, and why this video is worth your time.


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