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Ronda Rousey announces her post-WrestleMania plans

Rowdy wasn’t not gonna do an April Fool’s joke about her WWE career. Fortunately for us, this one is very good.

When WWE announced the Raw (and now SmackDown) Women’s title would main event WrestleMania 35, Ronda Rousey shared an anecdote about the news scuttled her idea for an April Fool’s prank she wanted to pull on the ‘go home’ episode of Raw.

Saying she was pregnant and therefore that the match was off would have gotten a big reaction for Ronda’s recently heel-turned character. But it also would have been yet another moving part to a story that has too many, and... kind of a weird thing to bring up considering she’s blasted fans and media for speculating about her family plans?

Luckily, it led Rousey to a much better gag. The above announcement gets good mileage out of a pun based on Rowdy’s “stay out of my sex life” entreaties and plays on the rumors she’s soon leaving WWE to start a family with husband Travis Browne without involving her feud with Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair. It also not only features some of the best acting of Ronda’s career, but it gives folks like Samoa Joe and Alexa Bliss an opportunity to show off the character skills we already knew were there.

Enjoy, and remember to take everything with a Rumor Roundup-sized grain of salt today.

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