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Let’s get this one out of the way

Women’s Tag Team championship match

Nia Jax & Tamina vs. Sasha Banks & Bayley (c)

Everyone has dream matches in mind for the Boss ‘N’ Hug Connection. But first they’ve got to get over a big Samoan mountain.

The Road to Fastlane

While they weren’t central to Banks & Bayley fulfilling another dream and becoming the first holders of WWE’s new Women’s Tag titles, Nia & Tamina were in the Elimination Chamber match which crowned the champs last month. The duo entered last and eliminated a pair of teams before the remaining ladies put their differences aside to get rid of the intimidating pair.

Seeing as the new belts can cross brands, and Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville were the duo Bayley & Sasha pinned to win them, a lot of folks thought Fire & Desire would get the first shot at taking the title away from the former NXT and Raw Women’s champs. But just a week into their reign, we learned that honor would go The Rock’s cousins.

Whether it was nepotism, or because the ruling McMahon family was impressed by the damage Jax & Tamina did in the Chamber, the match was set for Sun., Mar. 10 in Cleveland.

And it didn’t take long for the challengers strategy to become clear. Namely, by reminding the Hugster that her partner has a history of being a little selfish... and failing to defend titles she’s won.

We haven’t seen any cracks in the Boss ‘N’ Huggers connection these days, though. In fact, despite being where they were on opposite sides of a legendary feud, frequent trips to NXT seem to be strengthening their bond. And the size advantage the #1 contenders possess hasn’t been too big of an issue, either. Bayley managed to to pin Nia in singles action, and then... uh-oh...

Could Banks get distracted en route to yet another unsuccessful title defense at Quicken Loans Arena?

What’s at stake?

It would be a pretty big surprise if that happened, at least to this writer. Never underestimate WWE’s fascination with Nia, I suppose, but Bayley & Sasha seem like much better ambassadors for the new belts - and more likely to pop a crowd or sell some tickets on NXT or SmackDown - than Samoan Slaughterhouse.

Overcoming the much larger challengers would also establish the Boss ‘N’ Huggers as the cream of the crop in a really big division, setting the stage for some of those dream matches everyone is fantasy booking.

Will we see one of them at WrestleMania 35? Or will Jax & Tamina crush our dreams right out of the gate?


Who wins?

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