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A #KofiMania protest would make New Day’s Kickoff match a lot more interesting

Kickoff tag match

The New Day (Xavier Woods & Big E) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev

A match which seems to exist to pad out the pre-show and give the announcers a chance to talk about Kofi Kingston.

The Road to Fastlane

There really isn’t one. WWE appears to be sticking with the Japanese & Bulgarian odd couple as The Bar 2.0, and they’ve had run-ins with several tag teams of late. But New Day haven’t been one of them, as X & E have focused on their job repping the company - and since he got tabbed for a shot at Daniel Bryan’s hempen strap at Elimination Chamber, for their man Kof to get another chance ASAP.

Which is where this could get interesting. Vince McMahon replaced Kingston in the WWE title bout in Cleveland tomorrow night (Sun., Mar. 9), and Princes of Positivity think that’s booty. Are they angry enough to protest?

A Big & Woods leading a YES! Movement-esque quest for #KofiMania through a series of Occupy Raw-like efforts? That could be interesting.

More interesting than a creative-has-nothing-for-you pair against the former champs in a Kickoff match announced via Twitter, anyway.

What’s at stake?

Even one of the men in the match wants to know the answer to this question:

We’ll try X.

There’s a chance a fun showing from Nak & Ru helps them build momentum toward a title shot. At least the got on the card for Quicken Loans Arena, which is more than The Bar or The Hardyz can say. Still feels like a long-shot, and predictions they’re headed toward one of WrestleMania 35’s multi-man match seem right.

For New Day... yeah, we got nothing.

So let’s keep our fingers crossed Large Epsilon isn’t just goofing around online and there actually is a plan for this to tie into a Kingston coronation in New Jersey next month.


Who wins?

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  • 30%
    Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura
    (256 votes)
  • 69%
    The New Day
    (592 votes)
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