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Paul Heyman, Shane McMahon explain why WWE’s ECW relaunch flopped so bad

Was it really that bad? Yes. Yes it was.

Nine years since it went off air, WWE is looking back at their failed relaunch of the ECW brand back in 2006. Even through the rosy lens of WWE’s point of view, the idea and execution of ECW coming back from the dead is pretty bad all around.

In new episode of WWE Untold, Paul Heyman, Shane McMahon, Tommy Dreamer, Big Show, Sandman, and others try to breakdown why WWE’s version of ECW fell on it’s face.

Maybe the best thing about ECW’s failure to be WWE’s third brand is that eventually gave way to the launch of NXT.

Alright Cagesiders, anyone have any fond memories of WWE trying to run ECW through a PG-rated filter from 2006 to 2010?

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