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I think Fandango just misses wrestling

At one point in the above interview with Fandango - the usual excellent piece of business from the WWE Performance Center YouTube channel, filmed as the 35 year old is training for his return from summer 2018 surgery to repair a torn labrum - ‘Dango says he’d like to do “those hard-hitting matches that I loved growing up - the Bret Hart matches, the Ricky Steamboat/Flair matches” when he gets back.

But later, while talking about PC coach and WWE alum Scott “Scotty 2 Hotty” Garland, he says, “but a guy like that, he probably got a deal in like ‘94, ‘95 and he was there until like 2008, you know? He made a lot of good friends, everyone loves him and if I can have a career like him, then what else can you ask for, really?”

Throughout, Fandango discusses how much he loves wrestling, misses life on the road, and has come to realize how fortunate he’s been to have the career he’s had.

“If you went up to 13, 14 year old Fandango and go, ‘you’re gonna be in eight WrestleManias when you get older, but you’re gonna lose on Superstars a couple times,’ I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t give a ****, you know?”

Putting aside the amazing notion of Curtis Hussey as an adolescent version of his character for a second, that’s a great quote. It pretty much sums up the “living the dream” experience fans want wrestling to be for the people who entertain us while us beating up their bodies and living out suitcases.

Definitely makes me excited to see him get back on our screens and wrestle, in whatever kind of matches or segments he gets the opportunity to do. And I’m pretty sure he’s a lot more excited than I am.

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