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Owning a wrestling company is billionaire business

CM Punk’s famous “pipe bomb” promo is a relic of the past for a few reasons. WWE’s recent success in television negotiations and the stock market is one - you can no longer say Vince McMahon is “a millionaire who should be a billionaire”, because McMahon is very much a billionaire.

According to Forbes’ latest list of “The Richest People In The World”, Vince has an estimated net worth of $3.2 billion. That puts him at 691 among the reported 2153 billionaires in the world.

Not too shabby... but not the richest man in the scripted fight game. Not any more. That’s because Shad Khan, the money man backing his son Tony’s All Elite Wrestling play, is worth an estimated $7.2 billion - putting him at 224 on the list.

That might be the kind of thing that would bother a competitive guy like McMahon, but at least he can boast being ahead of his old rival Ted Turner. Former WCW owner “Billionaire Ted” is way down at 1057, only worth $2.2 billion.

Poor fella.

Considering how much company’s like Sinclair Broadcasting (Ring of Honor), Anthem (Impact) and Bushiroad (New Japan) are worth, pro wrestling is looking more and more like a rich person’s business.

We’ll just sit back here and watch the big boys fight it out.

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