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Samoa Joe finally wins his first title on the main roster

When keeping it real goes wrong, starring R-Truth.

Truth is getting the most mileage out of the United States title as humanly possible. A long forgotten second title on SmackDown, Truth is making the championship fun again.

For the second week in a row, inspired by his hero John Cena, Truth brought back the United States championship open challenge.

First, Lacey Evans showed up and confused everyone. Truth thought Evans’ appearance counted as a ‘W’ and tried to leave, but then Samoa Joe answered the challenge.

The problem is so did Rey Mysterio and so did Andrade.

Due to the unwritten rules of WWE open challenges, Truth would now have to wrestle all three men in a fatal four-way match.

Poor Truth.

With odds not in his favor, Truth never really stood a chance in this match. The match itself was a fantastic four way dance with Mysterio and Andrade in particular going all out to steal the show.

During an especially chaotic sequence, and Truth laid out on the floor, Joe found an opening and pinned Andrade for the three count.

Just like that Samoa Joe is WWE’s new United States champion.

Over two years after debuting on the main roster, Joe finally has his first WWE singles title.

Will R-Truth get a rematch down the line? Or will Joe move on to a different opponent?

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