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The anticipated Ronda Rousey heel turn is finally here

Again, WWE is making this extra complicated.

Previously on WWE’s Raw women’s division, Ronda Rousey demanded Becky Lynch have her suspension lifted. Stephanie McMahon says no last week and Rousey dropped her title then walked out of Raw.

A week goes by and McMahon not only reinstates Lynch, she books her in a title match versus Charlotte Flair at Fastlane.

Makes sense?

Lynch and Flair were set to sign the hold harmless agreement drawn up by WWE’s legal team, then Rousey showed up.

Not only did Rousey storm the ring, she was pissed off.

McMahon informed Rousey that she is still the Raw women’s champion and Lynch versus Flair will now be a win or go home situation for The Man. If Lynch beats Flair she will be added to the WrestleMania 35 match between Rowdy and The Queen.

Rowdy then grabbed the mic and laid into McMahon, before verbally attacking WWE fans.

This felt like a heel turn, but was it?

Boos from the live crowd rained down on Rousey before she kicked Flair in the gut and then beat the hell out of Lynch multiple times over.

A little over 30 days until WrestleMania 35, are WWE pulling the pin on turning Ronda Rousey into a violent MMA heel?

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