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Asuka deserves better, but WWE made the right decision

I am one of the many who believes Asuka deserves much better than how WWE has been booking her over the past six months or so. She has been used exclusively to advance other stories that were positioned as more important than her own, even though for all of that time she was either winning the SmackDown women’s championship or defending it.

First, she was given the title so Ronda Rousey could ensure Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair didn’t win it. Then she actually tapped Lynch clean but that came shortly because Becky won the Royal Rumble and was booked for the main event of WrestleMania 35 anyway. Next, she straight up wasn’t booked for Elimination Chamber while the entire SmackDown women’s division focused on the tag team titles. Then she was used to advance a storyline centered around Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville inching closer to a breakup.

In the end, a Fatal 4-Way was announced to determine who would challenge Asuka for the title at WrestleMania 35 and on the day it was supposed to happen she lost the title to Charlotte in a previously unannounced match.

Yes, that all sucks and she does indeed deserve better than that run but the reality of the situation is she never should have been champion to begin with. So while everyone may feel bad for her — and it was nice to see all the support pour in from her contemporaries when it happened — having Charlotte win the title from her was absolutely the right decision.

The top stars should have the titles at WrestleMania, or they should be chasing them. This ensures that’s the case for a historic main event match. Further, the show is already overloaded with matches and keeping the title on Asuka for the sake of a singles match against Mandy Rose makes no sense at all.

It feels bad, sure, but that doesn’t mean this wasn’t the right decision.

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