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John Cena is the new Undertaker

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Seems like it was just yesterday I was lamenting the lack of “will he or won’t he?” Undertaker WrestleMania drama (because it was). Now it’s clear that while most signs point to a Dead Man free Showcase of the Immortals this year, his role in the speculation leading up to the event has been filled.

I must have missed it because for WrestleMania 34, the guess work around John Cena’s spot at the Show of Shows was intertwined with Taker himself. But this year, Cena has that spotlight all to himself.

We all thought, and many still do, he would end up replacing Baron Corbin as Kurt Angle’s final opponent. Cena himself has thrown fuel on this fire, as only he can. But rumors keep saying WWE really is doing Corbin/Angle at MetLife Stadium a week from tomorrow. And despite no word on his status from the company, reports keep pointing to the 16 time WWE World champ doing something.

But what? Shortly after Wrestling Observer reported there was a deal “on the table” for a Cena match at WrestleMania 35, Dave Meltzer said on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that the Face Who Used To Run The Place has agreed to a match on April 7. But it won’t be Angle, and despite some teases before he dropped the United States title, it also won’t be R-Truth.

Current U.S. champ Samoa Joe is set to face Rey Mysterio, and it probably doesn’t make a lot of sense to add Cena to that bout (unless Andrade takes out Rey and Samoa Joe issues an open challenge and... I’m just fantasy booking and will shut up now). Meltzer also says it won’t be a rematch of last year’s loss to Taker - because the Phenom isn’t planned for the show at all.

So who? Meltzer speculates about Lars Sullivan, but when shooting down the Truth idea he said it would be “much bigger” than a match against Carmella’s running buddy, and a guy who’s never appeared on the main roster doesn’t read “much bigger” than anyone.

Guess we’ll just have to keep speculating. Just like we used to with Undertaker.