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Undertaker’s down 25 pounds and not done yet

It’s been oft observed this year’s WrestleMania build feels off. Seeing this Instagram from Undertaker made me think one of the reasons why is because this has been the first one in years without a steady stream of “will he or won’t he?” speculation about the Dead Man and the event with which he’s synonymous.

Sure, we’ve wondered if he’ll show next Sunday at MetLife Stadium, and if he does, what he might be doing. But it’s not the same since (a) we know he’s not completely retired, and (b) he’s embraced a post-kayfabe role on social media and in shoot interviews.

It’s exciting to see the Phenom looking healthy, slim, trim and hashtagging about more to come. But the aura that came from fan shot glimpses of Taker limping to get a coffee in the Texas Hill Country is gone...

Ah well. The man’s done plenty for our entertainment, we can adapt to ‘Mania without him (or with him in a different role than we’re used to). The important thing is he’s feeling as good as he can after the damage he did to himself while performing.

So we’ll just say... looking good, Mean Mark. See you in Saudi Arabia.

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