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Goldust’s WWE contract set to expire, will become a free agent

Goldust’s latest run with WWE may be coming to an end.

A new report suggests Goldust may be hitting the open market soon. The 49-year-old pro returned to WWE back in 2013 for his fifth stint with the promotion. Goldust was immediately thrust into what would become a classic angle involving his brother Cody Rhodes and his father, the late, Dusty Rhodes.

Pro Wrestling Sheet with the report and latest update on Goldust’s contract with WWE.

“Multiple sources tell us Goldust’s WWE contract recently expired and he’s currently waiting for the 90-day no-compete portion of his agreement to run out before becoming a free agent.

As many fans noticed, the wrestler recently removed all mentions of WWE from social media.

It’s unclear when the deal expired exactly, but we’re told he should be free in May.”

Going by Dustin Rhodes on Twitter, The Bizarre One did comment on a fan thanking him for his time with WWE.

A possible free agent in May, the obvious landing spot for Goldust would be AEW.

On the latest episode of AEW’s The Road to Double or Nothing, Cody was asked by the company’s seamstress, Denise Cutler, about the design of his gear for the May 25th event.

Cutler: “Do you think we should stay away from gold?”

Rhodes: “No I think we’re okay. I think what you have here is the way to go. It’s the right path.”

Probably just a coincidence that this episode dropped the same day as this new report on Goldust. Nothing to see here. Or is there?

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