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WWE Raw viewership declining going into WrestleMania

Television is as important as ever for WWE, considering how much money the company is earning off its TV deals with USA Network and FOX. Despite this, Monday Night Raw has been struggling during a time it traditionally has since an increase in viewership.

Indeed, over the past few weeks we’ve seen a steady decline in viewers in the lead up to WrestleMania 35:

Mar. 11: 2.81 million
Mar. 18: 2.69 million
Mar. 25: 2.58 million

For the sake of comparison, there wasn’t a single show in the month of March that did less than 3 million viewers in 2018. Considering we’re just two weeks away from WWE’s biggest show of the year and its at least somewhat alarming the flagship program is drawing just 2.5 million viewers.

One would think there will be a turnaround for the go home show and the night after WrestleMania always does well, so there’s some relief right around the corner. But how low can they go during a time when traditionally they’ve done so well?

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