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Kofi Kingston makes a kayfabe save after WWE advertises his WrestleMania match before it gets made on TV

As covered in our latest Rumor Roundup, someone or someones in WWE’s advertising department goofed, and a WrestleMania 35 trailer was released which lists Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan as officially happening at the Sun., April 7 event.

If you’ve been following along with Kingston’s story since he entered the WWE title picture a week before Elimination Chamber, you know that Vince McMahon has yet to grant The New Day member a ‘Mania championship opportunity. He’s actually done everything in his power to prevent the match with Bryan from happening in MetLife Stadium next weekend.

While the ad doesn’t really ruin anything - anyone who’s watched wrestling or is a fan of heroes vs. villains fictions could see the match coming - it’s still a spoiler.

The ad probably could have just been ignored. The storyline will progress on tonight’s episode of SmackDown, where the match will likely be made. But that’s not how our man Kof handles business. So a wrestler known for his Royal Rumble saves swooped in for a kayfabe one...

That’s the stuff right there.

Not only does it cover the mistake, but for anyone who sees this tweet, it actually makes Vince seem like an even bigger bastard than we already thought he was. He’s not only keeping Kingston away for the title at his biggest show, McMahon is taunting him with a possibility he’s making impossible.

That’s much better than just saying, “eh, it’s scripted”.

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