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Ronda Rousey wanted to prank you about being pregnant, but WWE ruined it

Ronda Rousey’s tweet acknowledging WWE’s announcement her Triple Threat against Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair would be the first women’s match to main event a WrestleMania was pretty in character for the kayfabe-breaking former UFC champ.

But the story on her website it linked to was more of a shoot. Or maybe done in the character Rousey wants to sell us going forward, as opposed to the one she’s currently playing on Raw? The fiction/non-fiction line has always been blurry in pro wrestling, and never moreso than with Ronda.

Anyway, now dubbing herself “Mrs. WrestleMania”, Rowdy “granted” an exclusive interview to which reveals she’s extremely gracious about being a part of the ‘Mania main event (including saying she’s “really happy that it’s all three of us”). The Raw Women’s champ talks about how she had planned to leave WWE as soon as last November, but stuck around because she was enjoying herself too much. She also surprising herself with how quickly she was picking up the in-ring aspects of a business she loved, and once she saw the possibility of making history at WrestleMania 35, she knew she couldn’t leave without trying to make that happen.

Rousey really does sound like she’s likely to be done with wrestling on anything like her current schedule after April 7, but also declares hers will only be the first of many WrestleMania main events for women.

Plus, she reveals this remarkable story:

“I found out [about WWE’s announcement] from Paul Heyman. And the reason I found out is I sent him this long text, basically saying: ‘Hey, Paul, let’s do an April Fool’s Day joke on April Fool’s Day on Raw, saying that I’m pregnant and that the women are no longer the main event in WrestleMania, because I’m out.’ Then at the end of the show, we can say, “April Fool’s!” Then he called me back immediately, and he said, ‘Yeah, great idea and all, but they’re going to announce to all major outlets and everything that the women are actually going to main event, this Monday. So we can’t do your April Fool’s Day joke. They’re making that official, official.’ I was like, oh, shoot! So yeah, Paul Heyman told me is the short version of the answer. But he told me to explain why I couldn’t do my April Fool’s Day joke and tell everyone I’m pregnant.”

That would have been something. But since WWE and Heyman saved us from ruined that, I guess we’ll just have to settle for Rousey vs. Lynch vs. Flair as the last match at MetLife Stadium in two weeks.

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