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The Miz just cut one hell of a babyface promo on Shane McMahon

Although WWE initially advertised Kofi Kingston running the Gauntlet as the open of this week’s episode of SmackDown Live, instead they went with The Miz responding to Shane McMahon’s actions at Fastlane and his follow up promo just days later.

And hot damn did he cut one hell of a babyface promo.

It’s strange seeing The Miz as a good guy, and the crowd actually getting behind him, but perhaps we always underestimated how talented this guy actually is. It’s easy to make fans hate you, but he’s managed to make those same fans love him.

With help from McMahon, of course.

The highlight was Miz saying “you weren’t born best in the world, you’re a McMahon, you were born the worst”:

I was already in on their match at WrestleMania 35 but if I wasn’t, that would have sold me.

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