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If Kofi earns a WrestleMania WWE title shot tonight, it’ll be a historic accomplishment

Unless you hate everything that’s good and pure in this world, you’re pulling for Kofi Kingston to beat Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, The Bar & Rowan in the gauntlet match which will kickoff SmackDown LIVE tonight (Mar. 19).

Despite what the McMahons said when they took back kayfabe control of Raw and SmackDown, WWE has a reputation for not giving fans what they want. Whether those decisions are #BestForBusiness or not is a discussion for another time. The question here is: will we end tonight making our #KofiMania party plans, or waiting to see what other hurdles Kingston will have to clear in order to get a match against Daniel Bryan for the WWE title at WrestleMania 35?

This factoid from the WWE Stats & Info Twitter account doesn’t give us the answer, but it does tell us that in order to pass Vince’s test in Indianapolis, Kofi will have to do something no one has done before:

Records are made to be broken, and honestly, the main person I’d be shocked to see Kingston pin is Orton (although there would be a bit of ‘reality’ era poetic justice to the Viper being the last man Kofi beats to punch his ticket to ‘Mania).

But this does make the odds feel even more stacked against The New Day’s veteran.

Good thing those guys are all about the power of positivity:

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