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Asuka deserves better than this

Not long ago, the Wrestling Observer reported WWE had a plan in place for Asuka to wrestle Lacey Evans for the SmackDown women’s championship at WrestleMania 35. Not long after, they said it appeared those plans were scrapped. Now, rumors indicate that despite the fact we’re less than one month away from the big show, there is no set plan for her.

Remember when she tapped Becky Lynch at Royal Rumble?

The defense of that decision by those in support of it at the time was it wouldn’t hurt Lynch (it hasn’t) and it would both legitimize Asuka’s title run while providing a boost for it.

In reality, the entirety of Asuka’s run with the SmackDown women’s championship has been to support other stories. Lynch, along with Charlotte Flair, the top two stars on the blue brand, are focused entirely on Ronda Rousey, the champion on Monday Night Raw. Asuka didn’t even work the show at Elimination Chamber, taking a backseat to the women’s tag team titles. At Fastlane, she again played a supporting role to the ongoing story of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville inching closer to a breakup.

Now, there are no clear plans for her and no obvious direction for the biggest pro wrestling show of the year. Even if she makes the card, it could very well be a pre-show level match. It just doesn’t seem right.

And that win over Lynch at Royal Rumble is even more baffling now that we’ve seen how WWE has used her.

Asuka deserves better.

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