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Kurt Angle doesn’t care who he wrestles in his retirement match at WrestleMania 35

That’s what he said when asked about it in a Facebook Q&A session:

“Thank you. It truly doesn’t matter who it is. Part of me wants a legend like Cena and part of me wants an upcoming talent, I’ve always prided myself on putting over younger talent in this business. I’m just happy to be performing at WrestleMania.”

Considering last word was that John Cena didn’t have a match on the show, and there aren’t really any wrestlers it would make sense for Angle to put over outside of Baron Corbin, and there are a million reasons that would be awful, Cena sure seems like the right choice to me.

Or, perhaps, Undertaker. Or literally anyone other than Corbin.

As for what he’ll be doing once said retirement match is done with:

“I don’t know. I think I might hang around WWE to help behind the scenes, maybe manage younger talent on the show. I will stick around the business, regardless.”

So while it will surely be emotional at WrestleMania 35, at least it won’t actually be goodbye.

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