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I’m not crying at this Shield video, you are

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The Shield worked what could end up being their final match together at WWE Fastlane one week ago, and WWE cameras were rolling throughout the day leading up to that match. That was for the purposes of putting together what you see above, the latest episode of WWE Day Of, and I don’t know if it’s just that I’m getting softer in my old age or if it’s just that well put together but I choked up multiple times.

It’s worth pointing out that when Seth Rollins talks about Dean Ambrose leaving, as WWE itself reported, he says “possibly.” That would seem to indicate he believes there’s at least a chance that Ambrose sticks around. All recent reports indicate that’s not the plan and he’ll be gone a month or so from now, but this is pro wrestling.

Never say never and all that.

Either way, this is a damn fine video worth your time. Just have the tissues ready.