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Big E set to play a very Big E role in a very Big E project

If I told you everyone’s favorite kind-of-sleazy yet totally-loveable former NXT and Intercontinental, five-time tag champ from The New Day, Big E, was set to star as a wolf with a cannon on his back in a new stoner cartoon on Adult Swim, you’d probably say, “yeah, that makes sense”.

Well, get ready to say “yeah, that makes sense”...

Lazor Wulf stars rapper/actor/activist Vince Staples as the title character, a wolf with a laser on his back. E seems to be playing his sidekick in the Superjail-meets-Adventure Time-looking world of Strongburg. The character we can only imagine is called “Cannun Wulf” is described by the man himself thusly, “I voice a wolf with a cannon on his back! And I get to cuss!”

The first 15 minute episodes of the series from creator Henry Bonsu (bka Henry The Worst) and his co-executive producers, Daniel Weidenfeld of China, IL and Trigger Warning with Killer Mike & Carl Jones of The Boondocks, premiere on April 7. The show’s actually been in the can for a while - a subreddit dedicated to it has a pilot review from a year ago. But hopefully Adult Swim was just waiting for the right-time to debut a show about a free love-espousing wolf who lives next door to a stupid horse and fights with Gawd.

I mean, provided WrestleMania 35 is over by midnight eastern, premiering Big E’s Cartoon Network debut as a double-feature with KofiMania does sound like the right time to me...

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